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Sierra Resort Hotel Hakuba
The resort of dramatic plateau
Yokoso! Welcome to the Japanese Alps! Nestled on private forestland, Sierra Resort Hotel Hakuba provides comfort and splendor after a day's activities on the slopes, trails or at local attractions.Come relax in our outdoor hotsprings; stroll around our manicured grounds; indulge yourself in our award-winning cuisine; take advantage of our limousine service to the slopes and picturesque mountain scenery; bask in the local flavor of the Shinshyu area. Welcome to Sierra Resort Hotel Hakuba! The premier destination for your Japanese Experience.
Sierra Resort Hotel Yuzawa
For winter sports & sound arts
Our unique location and character is truly one of a kind in Japan. Situated in the middle of the main run; on one of the most easily accessible ski areas from Tokyo; Sierra Resort Hotel Yuzawa provides unparalleled panoramic views over ski fields and a large valley; across to a broad mountain range. With 17 fully-equipped band rehearsal studios, concert space, natural hot spring baths and outdoor swimming pool; our character is legendary among collegiate music and outdoor sports enthusiasts alike.

Sierra Resort Hotel Hakuba / Sierra Resort Hotel Hakuba
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